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Our Projects - Basic Science Division

Understanding of the biological basis of various brain functions and their pathophysiological transformation that occurring in Non communicable Neurological Disorders and developmental disabilities especially those affecting Cognitive and Communication abilities as well as motor abilities require an in-depth knowledge of applied physics ,Biochemistry and Neurochemistry, genetics and Nano technological organization of tissues during normal function and disease state.

  • a. Service Sector:

    Diagnostic Service Sector is important component of Proposed Deemed University intended for Developmental disabilities and Non communicable Neurological Disorders.

    a1. Biochemistry Neurochemistry and applied Neuro-physics division to understand the biochemical and Neuro-chemical basis of Inborn errors metabolism leading to developmental disabilities ,Neurochemical and biochemical basis of Dementia, Autism, ADHD or MR and other degenerative disorders and apply these knowledge in the development of treatment programs for these disorders.
    a2. Genetic Division to deal with advanced research in molecular genetics mainly oriented to venture in areas of treatment and prevention of disabilities and also in the application of genetics in genetic engineering and stem cell development for treatment and prevention of Non-communicable Neurological disorders and developmental disabilities.
    a3. Applied Neuro-Physics help Neurologist to understand the Physics basis of Neurological programs such as cognitive processing ,visual image processing or Language processing.
    a4. A Bio-pharmacology Division for the development of various pharmacological agents especially in the treatment of conditions like mental retardation, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, dementia, epilepsy and other cognitive and communicative disorders. The Indian medical systems especially Ayurveda and the role Ayurvedic Medicines may extensively evaluated using principles of modern Biochemistry, Neurochemistry and Nanotechnology
    a5. A Neuropathology Division for the understanding of the pathological basis of these disorders.
  • b. Manpower Development:

    Manpower development through appropriate Post-doctoral programs in the concerned basic science division is essential in the proper conductance brain research.

  • Research and Development:

    Advanced research and development in Basic science and Genetics will be the core aspect of conquering of developmental disabilities and non-communicable Neurological disorders. This is also important in the understanding of the mechanisms behind brain functions and how genes control and regulate human brain development and organizes and execute diverse brain functions.