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Our Projects - Engineering Division

A Biomedical and Biotechnology Engineering division, Electronics, Computer Engineering and Nanotechnology Division.

  • a. Developmental Sector:

    Application of digital analog technique in the development of cost effective biomedical equipment like EEG machine, evoked potential &EMG machine, Audiometers, OAEs and speech synthesizers for regional languages either through collaborative or de-novo effort. The promotional activities of BIRAC can be utilized in this respect.

  • b. Manpower Development:

    Post graduate and Post-doctoral courses in this area for development of biomedical instruments related to rehabilitation and treatment. This include development of Cochlear implants; Programmable Hearing Aids; Audiometers; Electroencephalographic and Evoked Potential Machines; Rehabilitation equipment for movement, therapy and electrotherapy. Computer aids for memory loss and Mental retardation, Artificial Intelligence and research related to this.

  • Research and Development Division:

    Application of Electronic , Computer science , Artificial Intelligence ,fussy system and Nanotechnology in developing functional and analogical models of brain function related to cognitive processing, language processing and Human Robotics. The research and Development in this area can leads to newer methods of the investigation for diagnosis, management and treatment in the fields of Neurological Disorders and Developmental disabilities.