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In Patient Services

The center presently has an inpatient services facility to accommodate 70 patients. This is a bystander free inpatient service and admission is provided on appointment against existing vacancies. This inpatient service is a unique set up introduced for the first time in any Asian or European countries for rehabilitation of cognitive and communicative disorders only. The inpatient Services are provided to the Children and Adolescent with Autism Spectrum Disorder for their behavioural management and ADL training is unique for Asian Countries. The principle of Operand Conditioning and Non Verbal behavioural Training is a new concept developed by the Institution for the management of children and Adolescents with Autism and other behavioural Disorders. The present ward is insufficient to meet with increasing demands, as many patients exceed the expected hospital stay of 3weeks to 3 months. In addition presently there are only 15 beds for adult, males and females with behavioural problems who require compartmentalized services, to provide privacy and security. Patients with behavioural problems and aggressiveness often require prolonged hospital stay and therefore more ward facilities need to be added.

The functioning of Intensive Care Units is expected to be commenced soon, which is essential for the acute phases of many disorders like stroke, or trauma and in the management of status epileptics. These cases also require admission for other medical emergencies, which may arise in the wake of the inpatient stay as many of the elderly people, the stroke or dementia as well as children with developmental disabilities have associated, metabolic, cardiac or respiratory problems, which require emergency management. The Institute has 7-bedded neuro ICU constructed with the financial aid by RSVY and equipped by financial assistant from NRHM. A centralized Oxygen and gas supply station has to be established and necessary professional support has to be posted in order to commission these facilities. Meanwhile additional construction is going on with the financial aid from National Rural Health Mission Project. Yet the institute has to develop many other essential facilities in the IP service in order to accommodate the increasing demand. A 300-bed hospital is essentially required to meet optimal services to be provided to the patient.

    Our services include:

  • Male Ward
  • Female and Paediatric Ward
  • GDD Ward.
  • Interim ICU
  • OT
  • Behavioural Management of adult, adolescence and with autism
  • Post Traumatic & Post Stroke Patient
  • Patients with Epilepsy
  • Children with Autism, CP, Epilepsy
  • Children with GDD below 5 years of age
  • Interim Management of Emergencies