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Our Projects - Law College for Health Administration

A Law College for Studying Legal aspects of Health administration, Statutory Regulations, Medical protection Ethics relating organ transplantations, Genetic studies, Stem cell therapy, PNDT, Consumer, PWD acts ,protections equal opportunity for Education and Jobs and International Health Tourism.

Many developing countries including India have several hurdles in the treatment and rehabilitation of these types of disorders including manpower, necessary infrastructure for investigation to the etiology and pathology of the disorders as well as for research and development. There are no institutions, specially designed goal and activities for the treatment, rehabilitation, education, vocational training and also future prevention of these maladies in the society.

In a situation where there were no dedicated institutions for handling the chronic and morbid disorders, which constitute majority of the non- communicable disorders and disabilities, much attention could not be given to these disorders in general hospital environment. Hence persons suffering from these types of disorders were mainly attending social rehabilitation centers that are not having enough medical background to manage these conditions. There were no attempt for scientific treatment or measures to investigate to the underlying cause of the disorders and sorting out the remediable conditions as well as prevention of the disorders.

Individuals with disabilities and parents of the children with disabilities were leading their life in depression and stress without finding proper guidance and solution for their problem. An Epidemiological Survey Conducted in Kerala in1997 revealed that 10% of the child population is suffereing one or other disorder that leads to cognitive impairment or Learning disability. It is in this circumstances the necessity to start an institution for the purpose of management of disability and non- communicable Neurological disorders emerged which ultimately resulted in the establishment of the Society for Rehabilitation of Cognitive and Communicative Disorders (SRCCD) and Institute for Communicative and Cognitive Neurosciences (ICCONS). SRCCD is a Charitable Society registered under the Travancore-Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Act (1955), on February 1998. This Charitable Society was set up to establish Institutions with a novel perspective of systematic and scientific approach to the comprehensive management, rehabilitation and prevention of a devastating group of disabilities that affect mankind, from infancy to elderly. The institutions under SRCCD which are named Institute for Communicative and Cognitive Neurosciences (ICCONS), designed to achieve the general objectives of SRCCD. ICCONS established in 1998 has perceived many of the theoretical principles of ICF and perspective of WHO in the Diagnosis and management of Disabilities and Non communicable Neurological Disorders. The centre also has started several Rehabilitation programs for this kind of health disorders and is engaged in several research activities such as genetic metabolic aspects of these disorders and initiated Courses like BASLP and MASLP to ameliorate the dearth of man power in the rehabilitation of these disorders.

Establishing a centre which confirm many of the above mentioned objects is monumental task, but ICCONS established in 1998 as laid substantial foundation upon which to build one, which will be the first initiative in the Asian countries. Thus the project proposes to establish ICCONS under SRCCD as Centers of Excellence and as Deemed University of National and International Importance in the comprehensive management ,prevention, treatment, research and development in the field of disabilities and Non-communicable Neurological disorders and Life style Disorders.