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Our Projects - Terms of Project

SUPPORTIVE BACKGROUND INFORMATION FOR THE PROJECT: The present project, proposed to start a University of International importance, is based on the principles of the development that has occurred all over the world in the area of Brain research, genome project, genetic engineering, biomedical engineering, computational engineering, artificial intelligence and nanotechnology, interest towards ancient and traditional medicines. The principles of development in many allied human sciences like clinical psychology, speech language pathology, cognitive neuroscience, computer science, clinical linguistics, anthropology, developmental neuro biology and neuro radiology are also imbibed into the formulation of the current project.

TERMS OF REFERENCES FOR THE PRESENT PROJECTS: The proposal is outlined in terms development of methodology for arriving at accurate diagnosis, development of investigational infrastructure, development of treatment methodology, resource development including man power, research and development, measures of developing remediation, research and development in allied subjects, and research and development in management and implementation areas.

SCOPE OF THE PROJECT: “Health is Wealth” - the good old saying is a naked truth in all aspects of human development.Human resource management is the founding step for all developmental processes and effective utilization of manpower is required at strategic areas like Health and Education which are determinant factors in the economic and socio cultural development of every community.The Human Brain is behind every wise thought and intelligent activities and hence development, preservation and augmentation of brain functions should be the fundamental theme of health care management. The western countries have already imbibed this wave of thought and development which has culminated in the initiation of many projects in connection with the Decade of Brain (1990 – 2000). The process is very slow with respect to many developing countries and it may be the right time for our country to initiate this process which will be helpful not only in the overall development in the health front but also in areas of economy, employment and scientific inventions.